System 350 Temperature Controls - Family Overview

350 Temperature Controls Family Overview

The System 350™ Temperature family includes On/Off (SPDT), proportional (0 to 10 VDC and 0 to 20 mA output), and reset (SPST) controls in addition to stage, display, and power modules. The controls are used in conjunction with the A99B Series Temperature Sensors and TE-6001 Series Sensor Mounting Accessories.



  • Frozen/refrigerated display cases
  • Ventilation control
  • Space temperature control
  • Temperature reset for single or multistage boilers
  • Modulating dampers
  • Temperature indication
  • Cooling tower control
  • Beverage/milk coolers
  • Modulating chilled/hot water valves

Features and Benefits

  • Electronic Accuracy and Repeatability - Provides reliable performance
  • Field Selectable Modes Heating/Cooling – Temperature - Covers a wide range of applications with minimal inventory investment
  • Adjustable Settings Over a Wide Range - Provides versatility for a wide range of applications; enables user to match equipment cycle rate and/or sequencing for a given application
  • Surface-Mount or DIN Rail-Mounting Ability - Provides flexible installation capabilities
  • Plug-Together, 5-Pin Connectors - Eliminates wiring between modules
  • Sensors Included with Most Models - Gives convenient, cost-effective, pre-packaged options
  • ProportionaI/Integral Selectable Option on Some Controls - Holds setpoint regardless of load on system and its rate of change
  • Modular Design - Provides flexible and customizable application solutions